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The 10 Rarest Squishmallows of All Time

A Squishmallow is a soft, plush animal toy made by Kelly Toys, a Jazwares company. Kelly Toy Holdings LLC invented the Squishmallow brand in 2017 and has launched over a thousand characters since then.
Adorable and collectible, Squishmallows had quite the reputation when it came to cute and must-have plushies, each with a unique style and back story that compliments each character and their physical appearance.

Among the thousands of toys available on the market, Kelly Toy’s Squishmallows may be among the most popular right now. They are adorable, squeezable, and if you’re lucky, you might find some that are worth some serious cash on auction websites.

Squishmallows can appreciate in value over time, just like art, stamps, or vintage toys. Many collectors view them as investments, relying on the rarity of their products and the growing popularity of the Squishmallow community as reasons for their value. If certain characters become more difficult to find, their market value can soar, resulting in substantial profits for early collectors. A rare Squishmallow today can fetch anywhere from $1,399 to $2,000.

But that begs the question, with over a thousand unique Squishmallows, what are the rarest Squishmallows of all time? Without further ado, let’s find out together!

10. Stacy

Images via Squishmallowsquad

There has been a lot of buzz about Stacy the Squid on TikTok before. It was interpreted that Stacy was socially anxious as her bio stated she was shy and liked to avoid crowds. Several teens and young adults on TikTok and Reddit shared tips and advice on how to help Stacy deal with it. As a result of the popularity of Stacy the Squid Squishmallow, the Kelly company released a dark gray version of Stacy the Squid Squishmallow as part of the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con Squad Check-in Series.

In contrast to the original Sealife Squad Stacy, which has lavender fur with a white belly and black eyes and mouth, SDCC Stacy has dark gray fur with alternating golden tentacles. Since it is part of the check-in series, a special purple label is attached to the SDCC Stacy. It is a rare plushie, so it can be very pricey. It can be worth as much as $900, while a Purple Stacy is often worth around $40 or under. In September, however, an eBay listing for a Stackable 12″ Purple Stacy Squid Squishmallow sold for over $220.

9. Avery

Image via Ebay

Avery the Duck is yet another Squishmallow that has been classified as “rare” by both the company and collectors alike, having sold for $499 at auction. He is from the Adventure and Farm Squads and has a bright green mallard head, a fluffy brown lower body, flappy wings, and a light brown stomach. Unlike the original Easter Squad version, which had a cocoa brown body and tan belly, the new Canadian exclusive has brown fur and a darker belly.

In addition to being a member of the Easter Squad, Avery has also been a part of the Select Series (with a red beanie), the Walmart Exclusive (pom poms or a rainbow mane on the head), and the Special Edition (with a winking eye).

8. Hans

Image via Jazwares

Golden Hans the Hedgehog is the “Select Series” Edition of Hans Hedgehog Squishmallow, released in 2021 in commemoration of Kelly Toys selling 100 million Squishmallows. However, Hans is available in two varieties: the 16″ Golden Hans and the 16″ Golden Details Hans with the Select Series black tags. Moreover, both hedgehog plush toys are decorated with a bow tie and a hat, but the Golden Hans is entirely covered in golden fur, while the original Hans only has golden work on the hat, tie, and ears.

A 16-inch Golden Hans Hedgehog is extremely rare. Only 3,000 of these were ever made. Therefore, a Golden Hans Squishmallow is worth between $100 and $250. Compared to these, the Golden Details Hans Squishmallows number around 10,000, so they are worth relatively less, around $70-$90. Only thirty 24″ Golden Hans Squishmallows were ever produced, trumping Jack the Black Cat’s title as the rarest Squishmallow (if you consider different sizes as separate Squishmallows).

7. Lucille

Image via Fandom

A Squishmallow that is a member of the Sealife Squad, which includes 23 other characters to date. Lucille is an adorable white seal with black eyes, nose, mouth, and whiskers. She has little flippers and a gray muzzle with a pale gray belly. Lucille’s price hovers at around $500 USD in the market.

What makes Lucille a rare Squishmallow is that she is only one of the 4 Squishmallow seals and is the most expensive of the four. Lucille was first released in the year 2020, and comes in a variety of sizes from a small 3.5 inches, up to 12 inches in size.

6. Chanel

Image via ToyNK Toys

Named after the famous perfume brand, Chanel is a French cinnamon toast roll and a fancy pastry who loves cooking and has a sweet tooth. Her body is a solid tan-colored pastry with black eyes and a pink mouth. The top of her head is a cream-colored icing topped with a brown cinnamon swirl. Chanel is said to be a volunteer at a local food pantry where she teaches other Squishmallows how to bake and decorate.

She is part of the 2020 Valentine Squad, which is how she gets her rarity because these types of Squishmallows only come around once a year. Chanel also has a rare design where she has a plain cinnamon swirl with rosy cheeks and eyelashes, as well as a bigger and more complex icing pattern, which is exclusive to Canada.

5. Phillippe

Image via eBay

In 2017’s Valentine Squad release, a particular frog Squishmallow took the event by storm. Phillippe is an adorable green frog with a white belly and pink heart-shaped cheeks. During his debut, Phillippe was the promotional Squishmallow of the holiday, which gave him a big rep boost and instantly made him famous. Phillippe is also known to love playing hopscotch, especially on Valentine’s Day. 

According to Squishmallow lore, Phillipe is best friends with Marco, who is a Valentine’s exclusive from 2019. Marco is a pink and white Hedgehog with hearts on his chest. Squishmallows Valentine’s bundles can sometimes appear in auctions as collections, grouping these connected plushies together helps increase their value by association.

4. Mariah

Image via eBay

A member of the Squishmallow Baby Squad along with six other plushies, Mariah is a rainbow-colored lamb with a white and cream-colored face and ears. Her eyes and mouth are black, while her nose is a soft pink heart. According to her biography, Mariah is a huge fan of horseback riding and horchata and is described to be very loyal and has a pleasant personality.

Released in the year 2020, Mariah is currently worth around $800 USD despite being only 7 inches in size. One of the reasons Mariah is so rare is that she was an Aldi grocery store exclusive during the second half of 2020. Though the baby squad Squishmallows are all rare, Mariah just so happens to be the rarest of them all.

3. Blossom

Image via eBay

A sleepy sheep Squishmallow who is all white except for her cream-colored face and gold fluff edges. Her eyes are closed, and she clutches her hooves around a tiny rainbow with woolen clouds. This EUC Justice exclusive plush debuted for a limited time only in 2018. Blossom’s sheep body is lightly scented with vanilla.

Her size is only around 8.5 inches large, but she is also available in a 16-inch size if you would prefer more fluff on your plush, and her price at auction can reach up to $800 USD. Since Justice folded in 2021, Blossom will never be manufactured again, making the plush all the more rare.

2. Santino

Image via eBay

Santino the Platypus is a 12-inch Squishmallow that is all brown except for his dark bill, black eyes, and white belly. He has a knack for making stellar blueberry pancakes, which his dad taught him how to cook. Santino loves soccer and aspires to become a professional goalie one day.

However, Santino is also quite pricey, ranging from around $1100 to $1500 USD on auction sites, making Santino one of the most expensive Squismallow plushies out there. This is because out of the thousand-plus plushies from Squishmallows, there are only 50 brown ones, and Santino is the rarest brown one of them all.

1. Jack the Black Cat

Image via Squishmallows / Facebook

Part of the Squishmallows Select Series, Jack the Black Cat takes the lead as one of the rarest Squishmallows out there. Jack has closed white eyes, white whiskers, and a tiny pink mouth. Jack is strong and silent, as well as feisty and helpful.

Released in the year 2020, Jack the Black Cat is 12 inches large and also comes in 16-inch sizes, and he would cost you around a whopping 2,000 USD. What makes him rare is that Jack is the 500th Squishmallow, and as such, only 500 Jacks were made. Essentially, it is the ultimate collector’s item, especially for the die-hard Squishmallow fans.

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