F FORITO 2-Pack Anti Blue Light Screen Protector Compatible with 2022 MacBook Pro 13″ with M2 Chip & MacBook Air 13″ Model A1932 A2179 A2337 M1, Anti Glare & Anti Scratch Matte Laptop Screen Filter

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(as of Mar 18, 2024 08:56:36 UTC – Details)

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laptop screen protectorlaptop screen protector

laptop screen protectorlaptop screen protector




We are a store with 10 years of brand history and have our own factory and professional team. We have always been committed to developing top-quality products and providing a great customer experience. At the same time, we are also innovating to provide a constant stream of products for our customers’ needs.

laptop screen protectorlaptop screen protector

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Our screen protectors have different features, including anti glare, anti blue light, anti fingerprint, anti reflection, privacy.

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【Compatible Model】 This anti blue light macbook screen protector is specially compatible with MacBook Air 13″ Model A2179 /A1932 /A2337(M1) and 2016-2022 MacBook Pro 13″ Model A1706 /A1708 /A1989 /A2159 /A2289 /A2251 /A2338(M1) /A2020 /M2(2022). Please confirm your laptop model before purchasing. If you are unsure, feel free to contact our customer service team for assistance.
【Advanced Blue Light Filtering Technology】 After years of meticulous research, innovation, and extensive user testing by our expert team, this macbook air 13 inch screen protector is equipped with 9-layer blue light filtering technology, designed to effectively minimize eye fatigue and discomfort caused by prolonged exposure to blue light radiation.
【Superior Anti-Glare Technology】 This macbook pro 13 inch screen protector utilizes advanced anti glare technology to effectively reduce glare and reflections caused by sunlight or bright environments. By shielding your eyes from the disruptive effects of glare, it also helps maintain the cleanliness of your computer screen.
【Easy Installation】 Unlike traditional screen protectors with strong adhesives, our upgraded nano-silicone absorption layer enables for automatic bubble absorption and easy installation. Make sure to clean your computer screen with our provided accessories before installation to avoid bubbles.
【Outstanding Craftsmanship and Materials】 Made with premium materials, this macbook air m2 screen protector offers exceptional durability and ultra-thin thickness for ultimate clarity. The precise cutting ensures an accurate fit without interfering with your laptop’s closure.
【Scratch Resistant Design】 Equipped with advanced scratch-resistant properties, this macbook air screen protector 13 inch effectively safeguards your screen from scratches and damage. The smooth surface minimizes fingerprints and smudges, making it easy to clean.
【Ultimate Viewing Experience】 This macbook pro screen protector maintains the clarity and high-definition quality of your display with its high light transmission. Enjoy crisp images and text display without blurring or distortion. It lets maximum brightness and vibrant colours shine through for an immersive viewing experience.
【Suitable for Various Users】 Protect your eyes and enhance your digital experience! Our macbook air 13 screen protector is designed for people who spend long hours on electronic devices, have vision problems, are sensitive to glare and prioritise eye health.
【Meet All You Need】 If you encounter any installation issues or have any other concerns, please feel free to contact our customer service team. We will be dedicated to providing you with assistance and support to ensure that your problems are resolved and that you are satisfied.

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