Handheld Video Game Console 4.3 inch Dual Joystick Ergonomics Appearanc Support Instant Save/Load Preloaded 2200 Games for Multiple Emulators Retro Portable Console Game Player MP3/4 Gift (Black)

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Product Description

The following text contains some common operating instructions. If you encounter problems during use, you can refer to these contents.

retro game consoleretro game console

How to Discover more games in consoles?

In addition to the games displayed on the screen, there are many more games built into the console. Select “Games” on the screen and press the A key to enter, you will see different folders, after entering the folder you can see more games. Users can also enter “Browser”—“GAME” to find more games.

game simulatorgame simulator

There are too many built-in games,How to quickly find the game you want to play?

Connect the game console to the computer, find the “GAME” folder of the game console on the computer, the user can create another folder in the “GAME” folder, such as”my favorite”,, and then copy the game files you like to this folder folder. The next time you can find the game you want to play directly in this folder.

save game propresssave game propress

How to save the game progress?

When playing the game, press the “ESC” key, the game menu will appear on the screen, enter “Save Game”, select the progress number you want to save, and then press the A key. The game can save up to 6 progresses, and users can load different progresses to continue playing the game.

tv gametv game

How to connect the TV?

The game console can be connected to the TV through an AV cable, one end is plugged into the game console, and the other three connectors are inserted into the TV according to the colors, and select the corresponding signal source on the TV, then select on the game console screen and press the A key to enter “Setting” —“TV-OUT”, select “PAL” or “NTSC” (according to the TV system of the user’s country).

psv psp game connsolepsv psp game connsole

How to add/delete games/videos/music/e-books?

Connect the game console to the computer, find the “GAME”/”VIDEO”/”MUSIC”/”TXT” folder of the game console on the computer, copy the game/video/music/e-book files to the corresponding folder, and also Game/video/music/ebook files can be deleted from these folders.

handheld game consolehandheld game console

How to enter/pause/exit the game game?

After selecting the game, press the A button, then press the START button. Different games need to press the A button or the START button several times.

When playing the game, press the START key to pause the game; press the ESC key and select “Exit” in the menu to exit the game.

portable game consoleportable game console

How to download more games? What formats of games can be added?

This game console cannot be connected to the Internet. Users can surf the Internet on the computer, search and download games on Google or other websites. Currently, only add the suffix name is .gba/.gbc/.gb/.nes/.sfc/.bin/ .smd game files, the game files must be copied to the ”GAME’ folder in the console. If some games cannot be opened, the file information may be missing, you can delete it and download it again.

How to set the game console language?

Select “Setting”—“Language” on the screen,press A key to enter, you will see multiple languages, select the language you want,press A key to confirm. Special note: Only the menu language of the game console can be set, and the language in the game cannot be set. After the language is set, you must press the “START” key to turn off machine for the first time, otherwise the language setting will not be saved.

Can the desktop games on the screen be deleted or replaced?

The desktop games on the screen are solidified in the program and cannot be deleted or replaced.

How to backup game files?

Connect the game console to the computer, and find the “GAME” folder of the game console on the computer. We strongly recommend that users copy the “GAME” folder to the computer to prevent game files from being lost. Users can also delete unwanted games so that the console will run faster.

Charging Instructions:

It is recommended to use a charger that does not exceed 5V2A for charging. The indicator light will flash while charging, and blue when fully charged. If you find that it cannot be charged, please replace the charger or charging cable.

Function of ABXY:

A key: confirm or attack; B key: return; X key: jump or attack; Y key: jump or attack;

★★Game makes happiness very simple★★. it lets you relive classics and miss the good times of childhood! Built-in 2200 games. you can play as soon as you receive the game console, eliminating the hassle of users searching, downloading and selecting games online. How to find more games on the console? Enter the “”Game Center”” icon in the lower left corner of the screen, you will find more games.
★★Support Multiple simulators★★. Support arcade arcade and other 10 simulators((equivalent to the past 10 different game consoles), each imulator has a lot of games, there are a lot of games you can play!
★★Supports instant save / load of the game★★. When you have something to leave and cannot continue to play the game, press SELECT or ESC key to save, you can save game progress; the game can also be added or deleted, you can choose your favorite Game, How to add games? First download the game to the computer, connect the game console to the computer, and then copy the game from the computer to the “GAME” folder in the game console.
★★Support AV OUT to connect to TV output★★. you can connect to TV through AV cable, play games on TV, watch video/picture, small screen becomes large screen.
★★ Arc ergonomics appearanc for better control★★.the arc design at both ends makes the grip more comfortable and the control is better, Very playable.4.3 inch LCD screen, 8G storage, built-in rechargeable lithium battery.
★★support video / music playback★★.When you do n’t want to play games, you can watch videos and listen to music.
★★more other functions★★. in addition to gaming/video/music functions, it also has more other functions: E-book/Picture/Recording/Calendar/Stopwatch/Calculator.

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