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SilverStone Technology NT07-1700 Super Low-Profile Thermal Solution for LGA1700 CPUs, SST-NT07-1700

Price: $33.97 - $29.99
(as of Apr 14, 2024 14:02:39 UTC – Details)

SilverStone Technology’s Nitrogon NT07-1700 is a super slim profile CPU cooler designed for space limited applications that utilizes Intel LGA1700 platforms. It’s has a copper center construction with extruded aluminum fins for excellent thermal conductive capability that rivals many larger coolers. The custom 80mm PWM fan’s blades are designed to achieve highest air pressure possible while maintaining an acoustic profile that’s rare for coolers of this size. At a mere 22mm height, NT07-1700 is a no-brainer choice for super slim cases such as SilverStone’s PT12 or PT13.
Support Intel LGA 1700 processors
Designed for low profile systems at only 22mm tall
Reinforced back and reliable of mounting fan elements
Large, custom 80mm PWM fan for excellent cooling and low noise
Copper center and base with extruded aluminum fins
Easy to install with adjustable spring-loaded screws

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