mrdiyshisha Ideal Soulmate Tarot Deck, 78 Male Character Tarot Cards, Anime Tarot for Beginners (Pocket Size: 4.06" x 2.36")

Price: $11.99
(as of Apr 29, 2024 22:18:05 UTC – Details)

【Male Characters Tarot】This deck features never-before-seen original male characters in gorgeous illustrations, based on classic tarot iconography. Designed as a standard 78-card tarot deck including both the Major and Minor Arcana, this set is well recommended to every tarot enthusiast from the beginners to professional collectors.
【For Tarot Beginners】By reimagining the traditional tarot archetypes and symbols in a contemporary and intuitive style, the deck has gotten rid of its past terrifying image, becoming accessible and never more mentally stressful for anyone to read it. It will be a perfect gift for those taking the first step forward on tarot journey or those who are interested in tarot but ever hesitated to get started.
【Inspire Your Life】The expressive and charming characters tell stories, ask questions, and provide guidance for modern soul-seekers to access their inner wisdom. We hope the healing power within these soul males will be empowering, uplifting enough for you to focus on your reading and help gain a moment of illumination in your life, inspired and positive.
【Pocket Edition】The cards are a good size (10.3cm x 6cm, also 4.06in x 2.36in) and so much easier to shuffle than those large decks. The illustrations are lovely, they still fit with the Rider Waite Smith model so they are easy to pick up and read, but they have this nice gentle feel to them.
【Customer Service】Feel free to contact us when you have any question about decks. We provide free exchange/return service within 90 days.

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