Teen Reapers Card Game (Courage Edition) Strategy Party TCG for Adults Teens & Kids

Price: $19.99
(as of Apr 30, 2024 12:59:39 UTC – Details)

2 edition-specific reaper characters, 2 special spirit cards, 6 reapers, 24 artifacts, 30 spirits, 40 orbs, magnetic flip box with 100 cards and instructions

ONE OR TWO-SIX PLAYERS: Whether you have odd or even numbers of players, you are bound to have fun. It is even fun playing by yourself!
10 MIN OR 30 MIN GAMES: In a rush? Got time to kill? Different game modes allow you to play while maintaining a high variation of fun gameplay and strategies.
HIGHLY REPLAYABLE: When you just want to see how the game would turn out if you had one more turn, one more draw, different companion or opponent reaper characters.
DEEP & POETIC: Battle to protect what you believe in. Get good at your favorite characters. Be existential about it.
REAPERS UNIVERSE: Teen Reapers is a strategic card game with an expanding universe of characters, companions and items. Watch out for new games and editions!
VIDEOS & COMMUNITY: The game is armed with video instructions on social media. No worries if you want to settle an argument in a special scenario.

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