Yolococa Tiny Hands Finger Little Finger Puppets Mini Finger Hands Miniature Small Hands Tiktok 10 Pieces

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Tiny handTiny hand

You are always asked to lend a hand and it’s a good thing too.

You can do handshakes, high fives, clapping and lots of other activities with these funny hand puppet fingers. It’s pretty awesome to do little high fives with a pal when they accomplish their miniature goal. Let’s say they finally get up the spirit to pay you back that five bucks they owe you. A high five with small tiny hands is in order! You can even do little handshakes with these realistic tiny hands to finalize really tiny business deals or you can tease your friend by forcing them to shake the small toy hands.

tiny handstiny hands

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4.7 out of 5 stars


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【Tiktok Same Style】Same style tiny hands with Tiktok videos. Get them to shoot funny videos by yourself! Post your videos on Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter or any other social Apps. Or you can just have fun with these insteresting tiny hands with your friends, families or your pets to see their reaction.
【Pack of 10】One pack contains 10 pieces of tiny hands, five left hands and five right hands.
【Gift】We especially designed and used a package that makes sure the right number and side for left and right hands, which you can see when you open the package. Beautiful package is also ideal for gift to your families and friends.
【Scene】These realistic tiny hands can be used by everyone, both adults and children. Just place them in between your fingers and everyone will be tricked, amazed, and a little frightened of your freaky little hands. As tiny as they are, they’ll ensure big laughs from your friends and family. Small hands, big impact, that’s our Tinyhands!
【Original Design】We design and sell other funny tiny hands of different signs including OK, palm, thumbs up, rock’n roll and tiny feet. Check them in our store!

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