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The Future Diary Compete Series [Collector’s Limited Edition] [Blu-ray]


Format: Blu-ray

Amazon.com Price: $48.24 (as of 19/02/2024 14:11 PST- Details)


Format: Blu-ray


Yukiteru Amano is a high school student who keeps himself to himself and makes up for his lonely everyday existence by writing a diary on his mobile phone and conversing with his imaginary friend, the so-called ‘God of Time and Space’, known as Deus Ex Machina.

But what if this imaginary friend was real? This unlikely turn of events becomes a reality for Yuki when the tables are turned, and Deus Ex Machina selects him as a participant in a ‘battle royale’ with eleven other individuals. Every competitor in this deadly game is provided with a ‘Future Diary’, each of which gives its owner a unique view of the world and, more importantly, a specific viewpoint into events that have yet to transpire.

Can Yuki prevail in the face of this insane game and its menagerie of unhinged foes? The answer is not even something that his Future Diary can answer…

Contains the complete TV series plus, for the first time in the UK, the Future Diary: Redial OVA!


  • Commentaries for Episode 5, 13, 20 and 23
  • Omake #5 Yomotsu Hirasaka (Yoshihisa Kawahara Version)
  • Omake #10 Minene Uryuu, Masumi Nishijima (Clear Dialogue Version)
  • TV Spots
  • Promotional Videos
  • U.S. Trailer
  • Textless Opening and Closing Songs
  • OVA episode




Format: Blu-ray



Format: Blu-ray

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